REMS Picus S2/3,5

Electric diamond core drilling machine

REMS Picus S2/3,5

Powerful, robust core drilling machine for core drilling in steel-reinforced concrete, masonry and  other  materials. Dry or wet drilling with drill stand. For trade and industry.

Steel-reinforced concrete, masonry Ø 40–300 mm. REMS Universal diamond core drilling crowns, also suitable for drive machines of other makes.

REMS Picus S2/3,5 – Core drilling instead of chiselling.
Simple, fast, vibration-free.

REMS Picus S2/3,5

Operating instruction Picus S2/3,5 (PDF)
Parts list Picus S2/3,5 (PDF)


Diamond Core Drilling, Diamond Chasing Saws
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