REMS Picus S1

Electric diamond core drilling machine

REMS Picus S1

Compact, handy electric tool for core drilling in concrete, steel-reinforced concrete, all kinds of masonry, natural stone, asphalt, all kinds of screed. Dry or wet drilling, hand held or with drill stand. For trade and industry.

Concrete, steel-reinforced concrete up to Ø 102 (132) mm.
Masonry and others up to Ø 162 mm.
REMS universal diamond core drilling crowns, also for suitable drive machines of other makes

REMS Picus S1 - Core drilling instead of chiselling.
Easy, fast, vibration-free, e.g. 200mm in steel-reinforced concrete Ø 62 mm in only 3 min.
1 system - 4 applications.
Ideal for plumbers.

Operating instructions Picus S1 (PDF)

Parts list Picus S1 (PDF)



REMS Picus S1 Basic-Pack

Art.-Nr. 180010 R220
 <br/>REMS Picus S1

REMS Picus S1 Set 62

Art.-Nr. 180020 R220
 <br/>REMS Picus S1

REMS Picus S1 Set Simplex 2

Art.-Nr. 180032 R220
 <br/>REMS Picus S1
 REMS Picus S1


REMS Picus S1 Drive unit

Art.-Nr. 180000 R220
 <br/>REMS Picus S1

Steel case with insert

Art.-Nr. 180600 R
 <br/>Steel case with insert <br/>Steel case with insert

Zubehör: REMS Universal diamond core drilling crowns


Zubehör: REMS Univesal diamond core drilling crowns LS

Zubehör: REMS Pull L / M

REMS Pull L Set

Art.-Nr. 185500 R220
 <br/>REMS Pull L Set

REMS Pull M Set

Art.-Nr. 185501 R220
 <br/>REMS Pull M Set

REMS Pull L Set W

Art.-Nr. 185503 R220
REMS Pull L Set W

REMS Pull M Set D

Art.-Nr. 185504 R220
REMS Pull M Set D

Zubehör: REMS Picus S1, S3, SR, S2/3,5 Accessories

Spanner SW 41

Art.-Nr. 079003
 <br/>Spanner SW 41
 <br/>Hammer anchor M12, pack of 50
 <br/>Splaying anchor M12, pk of 10
 <br/>Quick clamping set 160

Grinding stone

Art.-Nr. 079012
 <br/>Grinding stone
 <br/>HM masonry drill bit Ø 8 mm
 <br/>HM masonry bit Ø 15 SDS-plus

Zubehör: REMS Simplex 2

REMS Simplex 2

Art.-Nr. 183700 R
 <br/>REMS Simplex 2

Zubehör: REMS Titan

REMS Titan

Art.-Nr. 183600 R
 <br/>REMS Titan