REMS Tornado

Threading machine

REMS Tornado
Proven high performance machine for threading, cutting, deburring, threading of nipples, roll grooving. For installation, metalworking, industry. For job site and workshop.

Pipe threads 1/16–2", 16–63 mm. Bolt threads 6–60 mm, 1/4–2". Pipe threads with REMS 4" automatic die head 21/2–4". Also capable of threading plastic covered pipes. Pipe grooving with REMS roll grooving attachment DN 25–300, 1–12".

REMS Tornado – a class of ist own.
Automatic chuck. Universal automatic die head. Automatic lubrication and cooling.

Operating instruction Tornado (PDF)
Operating instruction Umsteuerventil Tornado/Magnum (PDF)
Parts list Tornado (PDF)



REMS Tornado 2000 340200 R220
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2000
 REMS Tornado 2000 REMS Tornado 2000

REMS Tornado 2010 340201 R220
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2010

REMS Tornado 2020 340202 R380
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2020

REMS Tornado 2020 NPT 340202 R380P
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2020 NPT

REMS Tornado 2000 T 340206 R220
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2000 T
 REMS Tornado 2000 T

REMS Tornado 2010 T 340207 R220
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2010 T
 REMS Tornado 2010 T REMS Tornado 2010 T

REMS Tornado 2010 T NPT 340207 R220P
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2010 T NPT
 REMS Tornado 2010 T NPT REMS Tornado 2010 T NPT

REMS Tornado 2010 T 340207 R220S
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2010 T
 REMS Tornado 2010 T REMS Tornado 2010 T

REMS Tornado 2020 T 340208 P220
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2020 T
 REMS Tornado 2020 T

REMS Tornado 2020 T 340208 R380
 <br/>REMS Tornado 2020 T
 REMS Tornado 2020 T


Stand 344105 R

Wheel stand 344100 R
 <br/>Wheel stand

Accessory: REMS dies

Dies R 1/16-1/8, HSS, set 341401 RHSS
 <br/>Dies R 1/16-1/8,

Dies R 1/4-3/8, set 341402 RWS
 <br/>Dies R 1/4-3/8, set

Dies R 1/2-3/4, set 341403 RWS
 <br/>Dies R 1/2-3/4, set

Dies R 1-2, set 341404 RWS
 <br/>Dies R 1-2, set

Dies G 1/16-1/8, set 341406 RWS
 <br/>Dies G 1/16-1/8, set

Dies G 1/4-3/8, set 341407 RWS
 <br/>Dies G 1/4-3/8, set

Dies G 1/2-3/4, set 341408 RWS
 <br/>Dies G 1/2-3/4, set


Accessory: REMS cutter wheels

Accessory: REMS Spezial

 <br/>REMS Spezial
 <br/>REMS Spezial

REMS Spezial Barrel 50 l 140103 R
 <br/>REMS Spezial
REMS Spezial
 <br/>REMS Spezial

Accessory: REMS Sanitol

 <br/>REMS Sanitol

REMS Sanitol 10 l 140111 R
REMS Sanitol 10 l

REMS Sanitol Barrel 50 l 140113 R
 <br/>REMS Sanitol
REMS Sanitol
 <br/>REMS Sanitol

Accessory: REMS Nippelspanner

Accessory: REMS Nippelfix

Accessory: REMS Herkules

Accessory: REMS roll grooving attachment

 <br/>REMS Roll grooving attach.