REMS Ex-Press P

Hand tube expander

REMS Ex-Press P
Proven quality tool for expanding tubes.Plastic tubes, multi-layer composite tubes Ø 12–32 mm.

REMS Ex-Press P – for expanding tubes.
Conical mandrel for even and concentric expanding.

Operating instruction Ex-Press P (PDF)
Parts list Ex-Press P (PDF)

Accessory: REMS expander heads

 <br/>Expand.head AT P 16 x 2,0
 <br/>Expand.head AT P 18 x 2,0
 <br/>Expand.head AT P 20 x 2,0
 <br/>Expand.head AT P 25 x 2,3
 <br/>Expand.head AT V 16 x 2,4
 <br/>Expand.head AT V 20 x 2,4
 <br/>Expand.head AT V 25 x 2,7

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