REMS Sinus

Hand tube bender

REMS Sinus
Universal, robust hand tool for cold bending of pipes and tubes up to 180°. Can be used anywhere. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop. Hard, half-hard, soft copper tubes, also thin-wall Ø 10–22 mm, Ø 3/8–7/8". Coated soft copper tubes, also thin-wall Ø 10–18 mm. Stainless steel tubes of pressfitting systems Ø 12–18 mm. Coated steel tubes of pressfitting system mapress C-STAHL Ø 12–22 mm. Soft precision steel tubes Ø 10–20 mm. Electric conduit DIN EN 50086 Ø 16–20 mm. Multi-layer composite tubes Ø 14–32 mm.

REMS Sinus – wrinkle-free bending.
Universal for many tubes. Easy bending through long lever arms. Selectable lever positioning ensures optimum bending position and power transmission. Only one type of bending and back formers for REMS Sinus and REMS Curvo.

REMS Sinus

Operating instruction Sinus (PDF)
Parts list Sinus (PDF)


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