REMS cropping tongs Mini M

Accessories for REMS Mini-Press ACC

REMS cropping tongs Mini M
High performance cropping tongs in forged and specially hardened steel for cutting threaded rods.
Steel, stainless steel up to strength class 4.8 (400 N/mm²) M 6 – M 10, UNC 3/8".

REMS cropping tongs Mini – cuts threaded rod in just 2 seconds.

Made of forged and specially hardened steel.

Reversible cropping inserts for double service life.

Cropping inserts with high precision thread contour machined on CNC production centres for exact guiding of the threaded rod in the cutting process. Plier parts, cropping inserts and specially machined and hardened cutting edges, made to fit exactly, for cutting without burr.

Cutting device in pliers design (Patent EP 1 459 825, Patent US 7,284,330). Very compact design and low weight of the REMS Mini cropping tongs due to special arrangement of the cropping tongs connection (Patent EP 2 347 862).

Driven by REMS Mini-Press ACC.

REMS cropping tongs Mini M

Radial Press Jointing
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