REMS Calc-Push

Electric decalcifying pump

REMS Calc-Push
Powerful, electric decalcifying pump for effective decalcifying of pipes and containers, e.g. flow heaters, boilers, hot water tanks, cold water tanks, heat exchangers, heating and cooling systems.
Useful container volume                                21 l
Displacement                                                ≤ 30 l/min
Displacement pressure                                   ≤ 0.1 MPa/1.0 bar/15 psi
Transport height                                            ≤ 10 m
Temperature of decalcifying solution           ≤ 50°C
REMS Calc-Push – effective electric decalcifying. High displacement. 3-way lever for reversal of flow direction, with zero setting.

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REMS Calc-Push

Art. no. 115900 R220
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