REMS Turbo K

Universal circular metal sawing machine with automatic cooling lubricant unit

REMS Turbo K

Compact, portable, universal circular sawing machine for installation, metal working and industry. For job site and workshop. REMS saw blade Ø 225 mm.

REMS Turbo K
the most powerful in its class.
Progressive drive, e.g. 2" steel pipe in only 5 s. Easy to transport.

Operating instruction Turbo K (PDF)
Parts list Turbo K (PDF)



REMS Turbo K 849007 R220
 <br/>REMS Turbo K
 REMS Turbo K REMS Turbo K REMS Turbo K REMS Turbo K REMS Turbo K


Accessory: REMS Spezial

 <br/>REMS Spezial
 <br/>REMS Spezial

REMS Spezial Barrel 50 l 140103 R
 <br/>REMS Spezial
REMS Spezial

Accessory: REMS Sanitol

 <br/>REMS Sanitol

REMS Sanitol 10 l 140111 R
REMS Sanitol 10 l

REMS Sanitol Barrel 50 l 140113 R
 <br/>REMS Sanitol
REMS Sanitol

Accessory: REMS Jumbo

Accessory: REMS Herkules