REMS cropping tongs

Accessories for REMS Eco-Press, REMS Power-Press E, REMS Power-Press 2000, REMS Akku-Press, REMS Akku-Press ACC and other makes

REMS cropping tongs
High performance cropping tongs in forged and specially hardened steel for cutting threaded rods.

Steel, stainless steel M 6–M 12. UNC 3/8 - UNC 1/2".

Cropping inserts with precise thread contour machined on CNC production centres ensure guidance of threaded rod during cropping. Thus cropping to length, free from burrs. After cropping the threaded rod, just screw it into the threaded connection of the pipe clamp or nut. Drive through all REMS radial presses and through suitable radial presses of other makes.

Safety instructions für Presszangen, Pressringe, Zwischenzangen, Trennzangen M, Kabelschere, Presszangen Basic E01, Presseinsätze (PDF)



Cropping tongs M 6*

Art. no. 571890
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 6*

Cropping tongs M 8*

Art. no. 571895
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 8*

Cropping tongs M 10

Art. no. 571865
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 10

Cropping tongs M 12

Art. no. 571870
 <br/>Cropping tongs M 12


 <br/>Cropping inserts M 6 pair
 <br/>Cropping inserts M 8 pair
 <br/>Cropping inserts M 10 pair
 <br/>Cropping inserts M 12 pair