REMS Multi-Push S

Electronic flushing with compressor

REMS Multi-Push S
Powerful, compact, electronic flushing unit with oil-free compressor. For flushing with water or a water/air mixture, disinfection, cleaning, preservation of pipe systems, opeation of pneumatic tools.
Flushing and desilting
Water pressure pipe network p ≤ 1 MPa/10 bar/145 psi
Pipe diameter installation ≤ DN 50, 2"
Disinfection of drinking water installations
Cleaning and preservation of radiator and panel heating systems
Water temperature 5 – 35°C
Water flow ≤ 5 m3/h
Operation of pneumatic tools
Operating pressure p ≤ 0,8 MPa/8 bar/116 psi
Suction pressure ≤ 230 Nl/min

REMS Multi-Push S – Flushing with water or a water/air mixture. Simple shifting of air supply while desilting. Permanent process monitoring. Logging. USB interface.

Operating instructions Multi-Push S (PDF)

Parts list Multi-Push Feinfilter und Feinfiltereinsatz (PDF)

Parts list Multi-Push S (PDF)

Multi-Push professional article




REMS Multi-Push S Set

Art. no. 115810 R220
 <br/>REMS Multi-Push S Set


 <br/>Fine filter + insert 90µm
 <br/>Fine filter insert 90 µm

Suction/pressure hose 1"

Art. no. 115633 R
 <br/>Suction/pressure hose 1

Paper roll, pack of 5

Art. no. 090015 R
 <br/>Paper roll, pack of 5

Case with inserts

Art. no. 115703 R
 <br/>Case with inserts


Art. no. 115602 R
 <br/>REMS V-Jet TW