REMS E-Push 2

Electric pressure testing pump

REMS E-Push 2
Powerful, electric pressure testing pump for pressure and tightness tests of piping systems and receptacles.

Testing and pressure range p ≤ 60 bar/6 MPa/870 psi. Pumping capacity 6.5 l/min water, hydrous solutions, emulsions, ph-value of liquids 7-10, temperature of liquids ≤ 60°C, viscosity of liquids ≤ 1.5 mPa s.

REMS E-Push 2 – electric charging and testing. Up to 60 bar. With adjustable pressure limiting. 1300 W. Self sucking. 

REMS E-Push 2

Operating instruction E-Push 2 (PDF)
Parts list E-Push 2 (PDF)

Pressure testing, cleaning, disinfecting, preserving, flushing, filling
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