REMS Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC

Electro-hydraulic pipe expander 34 kN with automatic return

REMS Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC
Compact, handy power tool for fast, easy expanding of pipes/rings. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop.
Cold Expansion Fittings made of plastic (P-CEF) for:
Ø 16 – 63 mm, Ø ½ – 2”, s ≤ 6.3 mm.

REMS Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC – Fast and easy electric expanding up to Ø 63 mm.
With automatic return.

Operating instructions Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC (PDF)

Parts list Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC (PDF)



 <br/>Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC
 Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC Power-Ex-Press P-CEF ACC
 <br/>REMS Ex-Press P-CEF 22V


Expanding device 16-40 mm

Steel case with insert

Art. no. 575278 R
 <br/>Steel case with insert

Accessories: REMS expander heads Q&E

 <br/>Expand.head P-CEF 16 x 1,8
 <br/>Expand.head P-CEF 32 x 2,9
 <br/>Expand.head P-CEF 40 x 3,7

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