REMS Multi-Push SL / SLW

Electronic flushing and pressure testing unit with oil-free compressor. EN 806-4:2010 respectively information leaflet T 84-2004 and T 82-2011 of the German Central Association for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning, Only one device with more than 10 programs for flushing and pressure testing with compressed air or water of drinking water and heating installation among other things. Easy menu navigation in 26 languages. Permanent process monitoring. Logging. USB interface.

New! REMS CamScope Wi-Fi

Brillant pictures and videos of cavities, shafts and pipes.

NEW! REMS pressing rings M 45°

The problem solution for places with difficult access, e.g. opened walls, exposed pipes, shafts.


Fast assembly and disassembly through toggle joint. Work top according to DIN 68 705. Highly resistant, load capacity up to 300 kg.

NEW! REMS Akku-Press ACC Power-Edition

Power-Edition – for corded operation. Can also be used cordless

NEW! REMS Aquila 3B / WB

Chain vices for pipes Ø 10 – 165 mm, ⅛ – 6”.


Electric roll grooving up to 12‘‘. Quick and economical. Pressure build-up with hydraulic hand pump.


Pipe shear for particularly easy cutting

NEW! REMS Krokodil 180

Diamond chasing and cutting machine – chasing instead of chiselling. Plunge-in chasing. Multi-function electronic.

NEW! Folding wheel stand

Easy to transport, ideal work height and sturdy stand.

NEW! REMS special saw blade 6”/260-3.2

Special saw blades for right-angled sawing and quick disassembly with force-transmitting guide support.

NEW! REMS Power-Press SE

Universal up to Ø 108 mm, 4". Secure crimping in seconds. Automatic locking of pressing tongs.

NEW! Guide support 6”

400 % additional sawing force. For right-angled sawing up to 6". 

NEW! REMS RAS Cu-INOX 3 – 35 S / 8 – 64 S

Robust quality tools for cutting tubes. Back pressure rolls mounted in needle bearings. Cutter wheel mounted in needle bearings. For notably easier cutting.


Electric charging and testing. Up to 60 bar. 1300 W. Self sucking. With adjustable pressure limiting.

NEW! REMS press rings 45° (PR-2B)

The trouble shooter for hard-to-reach areas, e.g. caved wall, lay bare pipes, trench. 


It doesn't get cleaner. Very high cleaning effect.

NEW! REMS DueCento

Cutting up to Ø 225 mm, 8". Right angled. Chip-free. Suitable for welding. Fast. No outer burr. Dry cutting. Universal for many pipes. 

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